LPPA's Secure Employer Area

LPPA's Secure Employer Area

All the information you need to discharge your responsibilities as an LGPS employer is contained within the Secure Employer Area of the LPPA Website. You will need to nominate authorised users to use their Secure Employer Area, to submit forms and other information to LPPA. Please complete the Employer Authorisation Form within the Secure Employer Area so that you can access this area. Each person that has access will need to be individually authorised.

When you first get access to the employer area, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the following:

  1. Upload File – upload your data collection file here every pay period
  2. Contributions Remittance Master Sheet – enter details of employee and employer contributions to be paid here every month
  3. Submitting Information to LPPA  –

You can find guidance on Submission of Information to LPPA to get you started. You can also find the following links -

    1. Online Forms – link to complete online forms
    2. Forms to Download – PDF versions of forms
    3. Bulk Spreadsheet Layouts – Guidance on how to complete the Data Collection File, notify LPPA of a TUPE transfer, notify LPPA of strike breaks in bulk
  1. Employer Services- get secure access to your employees' pension scheme member records, check data and run estimates.
  2. Maintain Contacts – when you register to use the Secure Employer Portal you will be assigned to either an employer or a payroll provider. You will then be able to set up and maintain contacts for that employer or payroll provider. Please ensure that all contacts are represented, as LPPA will send out regular important communications about the pension scheme.

Note that LPPA will be moving to a new pension administration system from October/November 2022. Details of the new system can be found on LPPA's website under Project PACE.