Pension Fund Committee

Pension Fund Committee

Role of the Pension Fund Committee

The role of the Pension Fund Committee is to: 

  1. Fulfil the role of Scheme Manager, as set out in regulations, of the Lancashire County Pension Fund ("the Fund" or "LCPF");
  2. Establish policies in relation to investment management, which shall include meeting with the Investment Panel to consider future Investment policy for the Fund;
  3. Monitor and review investment activity and the performance of the Fund; and
  4. Present an annual report to the Full Council on the state of the Fund and on the investment activities during the preceding year.

The responsibilities of the Committee includes the Fund’s investment strategy, the Statement of Investment Principles, acceptance of the triennial valuation report produced by the Fund Actuary, appointment of AVC providers and the appointment of investment managers,

Pension Fund Committee Members

  • ​CC E Pope (Chair)
  • CC A Schofield (Deputy Chair)
  • CC M Brown
  • CC J Burrows
  • CC M Clifford
  • CC F De Molfetta
  • CC A Gardiner
  • CC H Hartley
  • CC S Holgate
  • CC M Tomlinson
  • CC D Westley
  • CC R Woollam
  • Mr P Crewe (Co-Optee Voting) Trade Unions
  • Mr J Tattersall (Co-Optee Voting) Trade Unions
  • Cllr M Smith (Co-Optee Voting) Blackpool Council
  • Cllr R Whittle (Co-Optee Voting) Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council
  • Cllr D Borrow (Co-Optee Voting) Borough and City Councils
  • Cllr P Foster (Co-Optee Voting) Borough and City Councils
  • Ms J Eastham (Co-Optee Voting) Further Education/Higher Education Institutions​

Note: CC refers to County Councillor

Details for each member can be found here including their photograph -

Pension Fund Committee Agenda/Minutes

These can be found here -