Officers of the fund

Officers of the fund

Section 151 Officer

The Section 151 officer carries out the role as described in the CIPFA statement on role of Section 151 Officer and is the statutory officer responsible for the Pension Fund.


Head of Fund

The Head of the Pension Fund leads and delivers the strategy for the £9.4billion Lancashire Pension Fund. It manages the pension fund itself and the administration of the pension scheme to its 176,476 current members and beneficiaries and over 300 participating employers. The Head of Fund is accountable to the Pension Committee and the Pension Board and is responsible for all aspects of the financial and investment management of the fund including asset pooling strategy and management of the Lancashire Pensions Partnership. 


Technical Pensions Lead

Acts as a lead officer providing support and advice to the Council in respect of its administering authority and employing authority responsibilities relating to the Local Government Pension Scheme to ensure that Lancashire County Pension Fund and the Council operate within the relevant legislative, regulatory and discretionary requirements.

Leads the support and implementation of the full range of employer risk services in respect of the scheme employers participating in the Lancashire County Pension Fund.

Acts as the Appeals Officer for stage 2 appeals under the Internal Disputes Resolution Procedure for the Lancashire County Pension Fund.


Senior Technical Pensions Officer

Supports the Technical Pensions Lead to advise upon and interpret changes to statutory and contractual obligations relating to the Local Government Pension Scheme, including Fund and County Council policy issues.

Supports and implements the full range of employer risk services including leading on admitting new employers into the Pension Fund.


Special Projects Pensions Lead

Lead officer on implementation of regulatory, legislative and other pension change projects within the Lancashire County Pension Fund.


Senior Governance Officer

Lead Officer on all matters related to Governance, Communications, Risk Management and Responsible Investment of the Lancashire County Pension Fund

Provides support to the Head of Fund in ensuring that the Pension Fund Committee and Local Pension Board can effectively fulfil their regulatory roles.

Responsible in collaborating with third party service providers in ensuring their are adequate internal controls to deliver services and having direct input in supporting the delivery of the communications strategy.