Prospective and New Employers

Prospective and New Employers

If you wish to apply for admission to the Lancashire County Pension Fund, or if you are a school converting to Academy status (or a Free School, Studio School, or University Technical College) you will find that these pages help you to understand your obligations as a Scheme Employer, and the processes and potential costs involved in joining the fund.

Guidance for Prospective Employers

All employers within the Local Government Pension Scheme have statutory responsibilities and administrative requirements which are described in the HR and Payroll Guides produced by LGE. It is a good idea for you to gain a full understanding of what will be expected of you before you enter into an agreement, as there can be penalties for failure to meet your obligations. There are administrative processes that you will need to follow as an employer, see the link below.

LGPS Employer Responsibilities

The Lancashire County Pension Fund has a third party administrator who administers the pension scheme on their behalf, Local Pensions Partnership Administration (LPPA). LPPA support employers in fulfilling their obligations by giving information, training and individual support as required. Their website provides information for members and employers, including guides on the processes you need to follow. They also provide a Secure Employer Portal through which you will provide regular information about your scheme members.

LPPA's Secure Employer Area